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Mild Activity was started in 2020 with no major aspirations.

 The premise was to run easy, meet some new people and if we were lucky, make great friends along the way. 

A few years on and not much has changed, there's just more of us. 


Mild Activity is a social run club in Dublin city centre. We are well aware that a 'social run club' can mean a lot of different things, but in our case it means offering approachable paces and putting a real emphasis on making friends (and not performance!).

The club is not for profit and open to any and all participants. Our program of runs and social events changes from month to month and details can be found in our WhatsApp community & via our Instagram page. 

Most of our runs are lead by a combination of run leaders and pacers. These are normal members who embody the values of the club. With 2-3 runs per week (and often multiple pace groups!), we think there is something for everyone! So if you want to meet some new people, get a run in & enjoy some coffee/pizza/views, take this as a personal invite.


We'd love to have you & you're very welcome. 

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